NEWS that the former Liquor Store at Terry's chocolate factory in York could be turned into a smart café and deli, with a dentist's surgery and offices, sparked memories among readers.

The Grade II listed building, built next to the iconic Terry's clock tower between 1924 and 1930, has stood empty since the chocolate factory closed in 2005.

It already has planning approval for use as a restaurant, café, bar and deli.

But now architects ArkleBoyce have submitted plans that would see the lower ground floor only become a deli, café and 'artisan food shop' - with a dentist's surgery above and offices on the top floor.

Readers have been sharing their memories of the Liquor Store.

Several have posted recollections in our nostalgia group on Facebook, Why We Love York- Memories.

Patrick Loftus posted: "When I was 16 I had to take a locked trolley from the Liquor Store, full of rum, to the forth floor to make rum truffle. The old guy who operated the lift used to stop half way through one the floors and open the screws of the box to take a tot of rum for his cup of tea!"

He added: "The smell was enough to blow your socks off!"

Andrew James Sandilands said: "I worked there and heard a story that someone had a drink between the ground and the forth floor and was unconscious by the time they got there."

He added: "When I worked on the fourth floor the guys would mix the rum with the left over pineapple juice and after cooling it went onto the roof to drink it."

Paul Hallett wrote: "I worked there in the late 70s, running Bindler No 3 moulding chocolate oranges. I did hear you could buy some barrels when empty to use as garden tubs and sometimes they had some liquor left inside. Never found out if it was true."

Rebecca Jackson posted: "I used to pack Jamaican rum liqueurs and they were as sticky as hell! Hated the smell, still do!"

The Liquor Store (or factory as it was also known) was built for Terry's by architects J G Davies and L E Wade in red brick, as a single storey with a flat roof.

The building is one of a group of buildings all constructed at the same time, including the headquarter offices, factory and clocktower.

A statement supporting the current planning application says: "The complex is a strong group in architectural terms, presenting a unified style which reflects the strength and importance of the corporate image of Terry's chocolate firm.

"The buildings also have a strong historic interest, representing the most complete surviving expression of the importance of the confectionery business in York and confirming on a national scale York's high status in this business."

The interior and exterior retain its basic architectural features.

News of the proposed development of the Liquor Store comes just weeks after it was announced the historic clock on the Terry's tower has been restored and will be back in operation later this year.

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