Memories of a coaching stalwart

THE death of Eddie Brown at 96, (Press, Dec 22), will trigger many happy memories of coach trips and tours under his banner.

I recall mind early morning starts from Blossom Street, opposite the Odeon Cinema. Of course the driver and support staff at the garage will have got off to a far earlier start than the passengers; nevertheless, a cheery welcome was guaranteed as we boarded.

I was stationed at RAF Topcliffe in the very early 1960s and travelled in a friend’s car to the base via the back roads.

Even then Eddie Brown was a name to be reckoned with and there’d usually be a coach or two adorning the village streets of Helperby Brafferton, or vice versa, depending on direction.

I’ve a vague recollection of a company slogan on the vehicles that ran something like ‘Eddie Brown; Coaches of Renown’.

I wonder if any reader can verify this motto or did I imagine it?

Derek Reed

Middlethorpe Drive, York

People do not realise about Tinnitus

AFTER reading the Claire Brown article (Press, Dec 17) about suffering with tinnitus, I can really understand what she is going through.

I have suffered with tinnitus for about 20 years and it doesn’t get any easier.

After having my first Covid jab, I got a blinding headache over my left eye and the ringing went to a new level.

I have spoken to doctors but there is no specific answer. The audio clinic at York hospital have been very good with me. I have hearing aids with white sound in them but they don’t help much. I live a different life now, trying to cope with it Concentration is hard to keep and sleep is very difficult.

People do not realise how tinnitus can make you feel. Keeping busy is good to help you is there My sympathies to all tinnitus sufferers.

J. K. Hood

Broadway, York

Thank you for your support

THANK you to the readers of The Press for voting for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in the recent charity share out from The Gannett Foundation, the charitable arm of The Press’s parent company.

The award of £8887 to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People will enable more deaf people in the York area to receive the life changing support of a specially trained Hearing Dog (see picture).

These dogs not only alert their deaf partner to important and life saving sounds, such as doorbell, cooker timer and smoke alarm, but also given their deaf partner confidence and companionship, thus helping them leave loneliness and isolation behind.

Thank you for all your support

Richard Cantrell

Hodgson Lane, Upper Poppleton

What about the hundreds of pigs involved?

ARE there others who are disturbed that the `delay for drivers `was the main point of the story about the crash involving the lorry load of pigs on the B1248 near Malton (Press, Dec21) ?

What about the hundreds of sentient animals involved?

How many were killed?

How many wounded?

Rose Berl

Vine Street, York