SIGNAGE creators have been recognised for their work during the pandemic.

Fastsigns York, based in Pocklington, delivered signage, labels and posters to a client, with materials that could be fixed to glass, metal and wood and withstand a hospitality environment.

The designs were durable, attractive, and clearly displayed the necessary contact-free software, in the form of QR codes and NFC tags, which could be used for booking tables, ordering food and communicating between kitchen and front of house.

The team has been named a runner-up in the comprehensive solutions of the year category at the Fastsigns UK convention and awards, for demonstrating full use of the solutions available.

The signage and visual communications specialist’s convention recognises its franchise network’s successes, bringing the UK teams and suppliers together to share industry knowledge.

Sarah Bradshaw, director, Fastsigns York said they had loved the project and becoming part of the R&D team.“We always strive to maximise each project’s potential, often even helping our clients to achieve more than what they thought was possible."

She added: “By conceptualising and creating prototype solutions to be tried and tested in real-world scenarios, we are enabling this fledgling business to steal a march on the competition and provide exciting and innovative products."

Staff were also recognised for their commitment to high-quality customer service.

On the night it was announced that they were one of five other teams in the country to receive a 100 per cent Net Promoter Score via customer engagement software, Listen 360, between September 2020 and 2021 – further reinforcing FASTSIGNS York’s position as the highest-rated signage company in North and East Yorkshire, according to Google My Business.

John Davies, managing director at FASTSIGNS UK said: “The determination of our team never fails to impress me. After navigating the difficulties of Covid-19, every franchise has emerged stronger than ever. They’ve been there as industries have reopened again, helping them to realise lots of exciting marketing projects.

“FASTSIGNS York has a clear track record for consistently going above and beyond for its clients. Their understanding of the application of signage means they’re able to deliver the best possible work, offering much more than simply signs, and a full-scale business solution.”