I APPLAUD the principled stand taken by Rachel Maskell during this week’s vote on new Covid restrictions.

Education and incentive are more effective than bullying and threats to encourage health and social care workers to be vaccinated.

Most of these employees have worked tirelessly during the pandemic. Many are genuinely worried about the effects of a new vaccine and should be treated with respect not derision. Social care is already in crisis and cannot afford to lose dedicated skilled workers.

I have a rare auto-immune condition often linked to vaccinations. I am a triple vaccinated healthcare worker. I researched the pro’s and cons. On balance, I believed vaccination was the right course. Others should be free to make a different decision.

Rachel Maskell has shown common sense, empathy and courage in speaking out for the rights of all to hold their own opinions - even if they are different to our own.

York Central is lucky to have a principled MP representing them.

Juliette Pegram

Allington Drive,