A DEFIBRILLATOR will be fitted at a local pre-school through money acquired from donations and fundraising.

The Village pre-school, part of Welcome Nurseries, in Osbaldwick have recently reached their target of £1,000 in their fundraising for a brand new defibrillator which has been fitted next to the school.

Pre-school manager Katie Atkin said: “We realised that it was important to have a child and adult defibrillator fitted as we have a lot of parents, grandparents, carers, professionals and children visiting us daily Monday to Friday. Although we do have a few in the community and nearby, we thought it was so important to try and raise money for another one as you never think when you might need to use one.”

To raise the money the pre-school did an online raffle on social media and were able to get local businesses to donate a raffle prize. Businesses such as the Golden Fleece and Ziggy Sweets donated, as did the likes of Nestle and Dunhelm.

The raffle raised £405 and bake sales and parties at the pre-school helped raise further funds. The pre-school plan on raising more funds for good causes.

Katie said: “We didn’t plan on raising enough by Christmas which we have amazingly, so we plan on continuing to raise money for charity events such as Children in Need and Save the Children that we have started fundraising for today wearing our Christmas jumpers.”