CHRISTMAS trees are being sent around York by a newly formed local company.

Sian Harrison, 30, is the driving force behind a newly formed group that aims to provide Christmas trees to the people of York.

‘Green Christmas’ was formed on November 20 and has already built a fairly sizeable following despite their young age.

The staff is made up of a small team, “family friends of family friends”, whilst Sian has also enlisted the help of her sisters Siobhan, 29 and Hannah, 27.

Of the company’s founding, Sian said: “On a trip to McArthur Glen, we emailed the “contact us” email address to ask if they’d be interested in allowing us to sell Christmas Trees from their site for 2021. We didn’t hear anything for several months and just assumed that, given their size, they were much more interested in talking to bigger companies than us. However, a couple of months later we received an email from McArthur Glen saying they would love for us to be part of their Winter Wonderland event and to sell Christmas Trees from their site. That was the big green light that we needed to get into full organisation mode.

“We’ve already had a few people interested in delivery but, fingers crossed, we’re hoping for it to explode this weekend.”

Green Christmas will be delivering until the weekend before Christmas and hope to use the time until then to further build on what is already a steady customer base.

After the festive period concludes, it will be back to being a corporate lawyer for Sian until next year when she hopes to do this again.

She said: “It’ll be back to the day job, but we’ll talk in January about what went well, what didn’t go well and hope to double sales next year with a client base that knows the quality of the trees.”

Stocked by McArthur Glen, the Nordmann Fir trees Sian sells are grown in North Yorkshire as she wanted to support local businesses in the area of York. She ensures her trees are the best she can provide.

She said: “I’m not going to have anyone having a dead tree for Christmas Day.”

As well as selling Christmas trees, Green Christmas also ran a giveaway on their Instagram page ( that ran until December 1.

The winner will receive a free tree and a £100 Smyths voucher. People could enter by tagging friends in the comments section of a specific post.

When asked about the giveaway, Sian discussed the importance of the festive feeling as well as the worry some people face at this time of year.

She said: “The Smyths voucher was nice because people can really struggle at this time of year. The idea of Christmas is the Christmas spirit and being with family.”