A COUPLE’S vision to make the world love tofu is becoming a reality as their business’s turnover rises from £600,000 to £20m in just six years.

The Tofoo Co took the acclaimed Large Business of the Year honour at The Press Business Awards 2021.

In a video made about the meat-free food manufacturer for the ceremony at York Racecourse, David Knibbs said: “My wife and I bought the business about six years ago with a view that the world didn’t love tofu but should. It was turning over £600,000. This year it will be about £20m.”

The business has also grown its staff team in Malton from eight to 130, reflecting its aim to have a good reputation in the local area.

David’s wife Lydia Smith said she was ‘shocked’ to receive the award.

“It is amazing news. The team will be really proud,” she said.

David added: “Only five or six years ago we would have been grateful to be in the small business category. The last couple of years have been difficult but we are growing. We did £7m in 2019. This year it will be £20m.”

Reflecting on their success since acquiring the business in 2016, he said: “We think we were ahead of the curve - and we have ridden it ever since.”

Helping to boost profits is the couple’s investment in staff and products, with the company launching Tofoo Chunkies for the frozen sector at the start of 2021 as one of its innovations.

Showing how versatile tofu can be, the new offer formed part of their mission to make tofu more accessible and to get consumers to think differently about tofu, its taste, texture and how to use it.

The Tofoo Co’s ‘bean to block’ guarantee means that all soya beans are organic, GM Free, and are obtained from a sustainable source, offering consumers an appealing alternative protein source to meat.

The award was presented by Tony Farmer, from sponsor Garbutt + Elliott.