A NEW 'virtual' band, featuring an artist from York under different characters, is preparing to release his debut single next week - with influences including The Chemical Brothers.

The band, called Dojo Explosjo, will release the first single 'Pink Champagne' on December 10.

Andy Watson, also known as Cold Culprits in York, makes up the three "characters" in the band, as he said the change "felt right" for his music.

Andy said: "I’ve been working on some new music recently, but it is massively different to previous songs.

"I’ve been teaching myself how to draw cartoon characters and animate, to get a virtual band going.

"It just felt right for the music. I’ve pretty much sacrificed my sleep to get this sorted."

The virtual band includes characters 'Pol' on keyboards and samples, 'T-Man' on drums and grooves and 'Nugsy' on vocals and guitars.

Andy said the Explosjo sound combines electronic music, alternative rock, alternative hip hop and punk.

"It’s a mix of live drums, bass guitar, vocals and keyboards, with a river of samples flowing through the live elements", he added.

Influences for this project include The Chemical Brothers, Happy Mondays, The Prodigy, The Charlatans, Jurassic 5, Neil Young and The Clash.