WELL, here you have it: York in all its beauty.

In November, we set Press Camera Club members the challenge of photographing 'Beautiful York'. And that is exactly what they have done.

It's not that difficult a task, you might argue, given that this is such a lovely city. But these photos are all a cut above.

There's a wonderful painterly quality to the stonework of the city walls in Anne Crawford's photo: the low-lying sun has picked out the warm, textured surface of the stone so that, looking at this picture, it's almost as though you can feel it.

York Press:

City walls, by Anne Crawford 

Similarly, it is the sheer massed weight (and glorious colour) of the daffodils rippling up the slopes of the city wall embankment that gives Barney Sharratt's photograph it's quality.

York Press:

Barney Sharratt: ‘Spring in York means wall to wall daffodils’

We love the quirky intimacy of Sindy Draper's bicycle leaning against a building: this really says something about York.

York Press:

Sindy Draper: street scene, York

And there is a gloriously ethereal, otherworldly quality to Marion Hayhurst's photo of Strensall Common on a frosty morning.

York Press:

Marion Hayhurst: Strensall Common 

But our winner, today, is Sue Gabbatiss for her surprising, delicate photo of wildflowers outlined against the Minster. We love the fact that Sue found such a splash of unspoiled nature right in the heart of the city. And she has captured the delicate structure and texture of the flowers with pinpoint sharpness. So congratulations, Sue - you win our monthly £50 prize.

York Press:

Sue Gabbatiss: 'Beautiful York'

As to the December competition: the theme for that is #Winter. Get snapping, everyone!