Gary was admitted to York RSPCA by one of the inspectors after some time living on the streets.

Staff say the three-year-old's story began when he befriended some workers at a garage.

He was living life on his wits as a semi-feral cat. He started hanging around the garage so the workers began to feel sorry for him and started to feed him.

He spent the days hanging out with the lads at the garage but then was on his own all through the cold dark nights. Although he stayed at the garage he was still a semi-feral cat.

Staff say Gary was extremely nervous of everyone when he first arrived at the centre which is to be expected with him being semi-feral.

They have worked long and hard with Gary, who has been neutered, and they now feel he is at the point where he can be re-homed to the right home.

They say Gary is still very fearful of people he does not know so any new adopter must be willing to give him the time, space and understanding he needs to settle into a home environment.

He will need a spare room that can be dedicated to him and that he can make his own and feel confident in, before being introduced to the rest of the house.

Staff say adopters will need to understand that it may take up to six months for Gary to settle in and that no pressure should be put on him during this period - less is best when it comes to cats like Gary.

Staff will be happy to discuss how they won him around - this will help with his transformation into his new home.

Gary likes to hide in boxes as he feels safe in enclosed spaces, even now he prefers to be stroked while he is in his scratch post ( this will come with him ).

Adopters will need to ensure that all routes of escape are kept safe so he cannot get out.

Gary will need an adult only home where he is kept as a permanent house cat.

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