Cooplands has unveiled all of the festive Christmas-themed bakery treats in store for 2021.

The bakery chain has a mix of sweet and savoury options - from revamps of Christmas classics to seasonal twists on Cooplands' most loved pies.

Christmas menu reveals for big brands have become a staple of the Christmas season in recent years.

You can now find Christmas-themed menu items at Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Subway and Papa John's, to name a few.

Let's take a look at Cooplands' Christmas-themed baked goods.

Cooplands' Christmas items for 2021

Cooplands has taken the recipe of handmade pork pies which have been a Cooplands’ best-seller since 1885 and added a seasonal twist.

The bakery is now offering a seasoned pork pie with a layer of chicken and cranberry sauce, all encased in a traditional pie crust.

You can now get six deep filled mince pies from Cooplands - containing deliciously sweet mincemeat in a crumbly shortcrust pastry. 

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One of the newest seasonal treats is Cooplands' Christmas Muffins – a moist sponge muffin filled with an oozing secret centre of sweet mincemeat and brandy cream.

You can also try the Sparkling Iced Fruit Cake Bar - a rich fruit cake with cherries, sultanas, festive spices and rum.

The Iced Fruit Cake Bar is topped with a layer of marzipan and finished with a sparkling sugar icing.

One of the most delicious parts of Christmas is a rich, chocolate Yule Log - which you can now get from Cooplands.

Cooplands' Christmas Yule Logs are made with a soft moist sponge and a chocolate filling, covered in a rich chocolate topping.

You can also tuck into Traditional Christmas Stollen Bites – a new item on the Cooplands' menu for 2021.

Cooplands' stollen bites are packed with cherries, juicy sultanas and dusted with icing.

Last but definitely not least is Cooplands' Christmas Truffle Logs - signature chocolatey truffles infused with rum essence.