NORTHERN Powergrid has restored power to around 200,000 of 240,000 customers whose power supplies have been affected by Storm Arwen.

From first light Northern Powergrid’s teams continued work on the huge task of repairing the damage left in the wake of the storm and identifying further points of damage that will need to be repaired.

All resources available are deployed, including contractors, and the network operator, as part of an industry mutual aid agreement, has also secured additional teams from other UK network operators to bolster its response and assist with the complex permanent repairs needed following the impact of the storm.

With more than 700 incidents still to address, there is still work to be completed. Many of the faults will require intensive work and are localised with smaller numbers of customers associated, which means some customers will remain off supply for long periods as the network operator works through this programme.

Northern Powergrid’s teams are identifying those at risk of being off supply for more than another 24 hours so customers can make alternative arrangements.

Rod Gardner, Northern Powergrid’s major incident manager, said: “The storm was well forecasted and despite being prepared, Storm Arwen resulted in damage of a scale and intensity not seen for 15 years. Despite yesterday’s condition hampering our ability to travel and work at height, we did manage to restore power to 180,000 customers by various means available to us in day one of this event.

“We’re sorry that some customers are still without power despite the huge effort by our colleagues. We understand the impact this has on peoples’ lives particularly at this time of year.

“We worked into the night and did everything possible to restore as many supplies as we could. We have a lot of work still to do, but our dedicated teams will not stop until we complete all the work required.

“Due to the magnitude of the storm, our website was inundated with requests and was not able to keep pace with demand. We pride ourselves on being able to keep our customers informed and we are doing everything possible to keep people updated using all available channels including social media. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to address this.

“We have had a dedicated team contacting our priority services customers to offer support. Our customer support vehicles are also being used in communities, wherever possible, to support our customers and we continue to work with the British Red Cross and multi-agency partners to support the most vulnerable members in the communities worse affected.”

The company’ 24-hour contact centre continues to have additional advisors who are offering customers support and advice.