I HOPE Julian Sturdy’s suggestion that York is “oven ready” for the proposed Great British Railways HQ does better than the Prime Minister’s promises of an oven-ready Brexit deal and social care plan.

Both have proved disastrous, and I write as one who voted to leave the EU.

Does York really need a large railway HQ?

It’s already a popular place to live and work, housing is in short supply and our streets are crowded with visitors.

This may be an unpopular view but it needs the GBR HQ like a revived Pacer train.

If the Government is serious about “levelling up” let the HQ go to somewhere that needs it.

How about Doncaster, another railway centre with land available?

One of the major railfreight companies set up offices there some time ago.

Let GBR do the same.

Colin S Moore,

Hamilton Drive,