A BAND, made up of members from York, Germany and Brazil, have released their first single after meeting a year after forming just before the pandemic.

Vaquelin were formed back in 2019 by Adrian Boudry, who lived in Germany at the time. He was then joined by Luca Vieira from Brazil and Callum Scott and Jack Stephenson, both from England.

Despite forming in 2019, the group weren’t all in the same room together until September 2020 due to the Covid restrictions at the time.

However, the band continued to write music and recorded the majority of their album not only from separate rooms, but from separate countries.

Adrian, who is on vocals and rhythm guitar, said: "I would usually write a skeleton frame for the song, with vocal and instrument place holders. Then, we would go about replacing those bits one by one.

"The hardest part to record was vocals as I had to create sound insulation from bedsheets. It was also tricky to schedule drum recording sessions around Covid restrictions.

"We managed to record drums for the first half of the album before lockdown and then waited about a year before being able to record the second half in just one session.We would be waiting ready to arrange the next session whenever restrictions changed and we thought it was safe.

"This meant the backbone of the songs were recorded last, which was unusual."

Due to venues being closed during the pandemic, Vaquelin were only able to perform together for the first time almost two years after forming. Last month they played several shows at the Fulford Arms, Victoria Vaults and University of York events.

Callum said: “Finally performing felt like a celebration. After all the work we had done over the last two years we were finally able to see people enjoying our music."

The band have released their first single 'Voice Cracks and Blackjacks' - which is available on all streaming platforms and has been released alongside a music video on Youtube.

The group are also set to release their second single 'Rebound Effect' on December 17, with the full album 'Where Dreams Hurt' coming out in January next year.

"The reaction we have had to the single has also been incredible - and I can’t wait to release more music later this year", Callum added.