A LOCAL MP has rebelled over the Government's latest social care proposals, whilst another abstained.

The Government has proposed that people pay a maximum of £86,000 towards their social care, but many MPs believe this unfairly hits those in the north where property prices are lower.

Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake says the Government's latest proposals are more generous than previously, but are "less generous" to those with more modest assets.

Lower house prices in the north mean people here would be "disproportionately affected".

Following Tuesday's parliamentary vote, the MP called for the government "look at this again".

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy abstained and is demanding government deliver a clearer impact assessment to "properly judge the effect of the new system".

He said on his website he was "putting the government on notice that I am likely to vote against it" if this was not done.

"Given the differences in house prices across regions, I think it could be worth exploring an alternative solution of a care costs cap based on a percentage of assets, rather than a cash cap and floor."

In the Commons, 18 Conservatives voted against the Government, but the Government won the vote and the bill was sent to the House of Lords for further debate and revision.