YORK'S Orchid Vegan restaurant opened in George Hudson Street in July last year, just after the first lockdown had ended.

Despite the further lockdown that quickly followed, it has gone on to make a real name for itself in vegan circles in York. And many non-vegan customers enjoy the tasty Asian fusion take on vegan dishes, too - dishes such as the recently-introduced Mongolian-style vegan beef stir fry or the shredded vegan beef in OK sauce.

Comments on Tripadviser range from 'best place for food I’ve been to (in York) yet' to 'both my wife and myself are not vegans so we went with a bit of scepticism. All I can say is the chef is a magician'.

We spoke to the restaurant's co-owner Jean Zhuang...


What’s the best thing about your restaurant?

The restaurant is pure vegan - we don't allow any animal products on the premises. We provide creative vegan dishes in an Asian fusion style and have a vegan wine menu, a gluten free menu and a soya-free menu.


Do you have a signature dish or speciality that you’re most proud of?

Shredded Vegan Beef in OK Sauce, King Oyster Mushrooms in Teriyaki Sauce and Salt and Pepper Tofu


What's the best thing about running a restaurant - and the worst?

The best is to see customers enjoying their vegan meals - and to read their good reviews afterwards! The hardest thing is trying to find vegan staff!

York Press:

Vegan cuisine with an Asian twist: Shredded Vegan Beef in OK Sauce

There are lots of restaurants in York - why should customers come to yours?

We are a pure vegan restaurant, with no animal products allowed on the premises. We create new vegan dishes regularly, and we are proud of our service, which is fast and attentive.


How hard was it to open between lockdowns, as you did?

We kept going by offering a takeaway service. and out customers were very loyal and very supportive!


What’s your favourite story about the restaurant?

One customer phoned us during lockdown, complaining that the ‘vegan duck’ takeaway they ordered had bones! Later the customer realised that they had ordered from the wrong restaurant! We offered the family a free meal, including an authentic vegan duck with pancakes.


Have you ever served anyone famous?

The Lord Mayor of York and Sheriff of York.

York Press:

The Orchid's kitchen team meet the Lord Mayor of York

Sum up what’s special about your restaurant

We have a pure vegan kitchen providing creative vegan dishes with an Asian fusion. Our passionate team welcome all vegans and non-vegans alike to come to enjoy a vegan meal We hope to encourage more non-vegans to accept and enjoy vegan food!

Orchid Vegan restaurant, 6 George Hudson Street, York YO1 6LP

W: orchidvegan.com