Andrew Ferguson: Head of Student Opportunity, Careers and Placements at the University of York writes:

The University of York are particularly proud to be the backers of the Best Business innovation category in its fifth exciting year. This category looks for the business or organisation that is bringing about change for the better by the application of new thinking and ideas. Their innovation doesn’t have to change the world; just how they succeed as a business.

The University works with business in many ways. We offer high quality training courses and our students and graduates offer skills, enthusiasm and new perspectives; through short term internships and longer term placements and graduate recruits. Our research is helping companies develop new products and processes through collaborative R&D and the licensing of University IP.

In a particularly strong year for this category all three of the finalists represent world leaders in their chosen fields of innovation:

Aptamer Group works alongside some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry, with their technology platform powering research and development into new treatments for cancer and kidney disease. More recently they have contributed to new technologies that  test for Covid19; in particular in locating local outbreaks through wastewater testing.

Incremental Solutions are at the forefront of new technologies to speed up railway inspection and maintenance processes globally. Their software helps scan both overhead power lines and track in real-time, identifying faults that would previously have taken many hours to locate.

RDD+ combines elements of engineering, design, consultancy and craftsmanship to support a wide range of product development across the world. Working with some of the world’s biggest brands the expertise of this York based firm is sought out internationally to pilot new consumer technologies ranging from dental healthcare through to luxury shaving foams. 

All three are worthy finalists in this category.

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