AN INTIMATE new hotel set within a former Victorian police station will be opening its doors to guests in the new year.

Co-founders Daniel Curro and Moreno Carbone have confirmed the official opening day for their luxury hotel, The Vices York, will be January19, 2022.

Described as a ‘private-house hotel’, The Vices York in Alma Terrace, Fulford will feature three stylish, luxury suites, which have each been individually designed.

Guests will also be invited to enjoy an in-house fine dining experience as well as a wine library and cocktail bar.

York Press:

The pandemic delayed the original launch plans for the two York-based businessmen, who are experts in the fields of design and hospitality.

However, they used the time instead to launch a boutique wine store - The Archive - selling quality Italian wines, Champagnes and balsamic vinegars.

Moreno said: “We’ve worked really hard to create a space that will delight and dazzle our guests.

“We’ve travelled the world and sourced really special pieces of art, and we’ve worked with incredible designers who have crafted the most beautiful, bespoke fixtures for the hotel.

“I’m very excited to finally open our doors and be able to share it with guests after so long.”

Daniel, who is originally from Milan, is a trained chef and AIS-certified sommelier who has worked in a range of leading restaurants and luxury hotels.

Passionate about encouraging people to savour fine dining and wines, he takes pleasure in sharing the story behind each label and the craft that goes into each product.

He has drawn on his years of work and research to create their own distinct food and beverage offering.

“I truly love creating food pairings and taste combinations that excite,” he added. “Seeing people savour a taste, and watching their reaction to how it develops when paired with the right wine is an amazing feeling.

“We were scheduled to open the hotel in 2020, but this was delayed because of the pandemic.

“Instead, we launched The Archive, which is a collection of wines that I’ve curated over the years and it allowed us to reach out to customers across the world.

“I’m very excited to finally be able to welcome our guests in, and share what we’ve created alongside our head chef.”

The Archive offers a hand-selected collection of more than 100 fine Italian wines, including limited editions that are otherwise hard to source in the UK.

The Vices York is in a former police station, which is believed to have been built for the East Riding Constabulary in 1880, with a charge-room, three cells and two homes for resident police officers.

It still has some of the original cells which will be kept when the hotel opens too.

After 1884, the prominent corner site became the base for the Fulford fire engine.

The Vices York will be open for reservations from December 1 via its website.