EFFORTS to support York children following the disruptions posed by the pandemic will focus on five key areas following input from parents.

A consultation with pupils, parents and professionals which set out to understand their experiences of learning during the lockdowns has led to the creation of a new learning strategy for the city.

Education leaders from across York have now held the first York Education Futures Conference to enable early years providers and schools to share best practice to ensure all children in York are given the best chances for their future.

The post-Covid York Education Futures strategy aims to ensure that every child is supported to maximise their individual potential.

The target themes include ensuring all pupils are fluent and confident readers, underpinned by strong communication skills.

Giving all pupils every opportunity to make great progress, free from disruption is another aim, along with removing barriers to learning and school attendance.

Another focus is to support children and staff to manage their wellbeing as well as to improve the quality of teaching in all settings.

The strategy has been developed by the York Future Education Task Group, set up by York Schools’ and Academies Board to support the city’s education recovery work.

Helen Winn, lead of York Future Education Task Group, and CEO of Hope Sentamu Learning Trust, said: “We know that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of children and young people, as well as our early years and teaching teams.

"Working together to share best practice and problem solve will be the most powerful catalyst for change and will help to ensure that no child is left behind as we move forwards.”

Cllr Ian Cuthbertson, the executive member for children, young people and education at York council, said: “A key factor in the quality of York’s childcare and education sectors is the willingness of early years providers and schools across the city to work together and share new ideas and best practice for the benefit of all our children and young people.

“The work of the York Education Futures Task Group has been invaluable in shaping this new post-lockdown strategy to support schools and early years providers. I’m really pleased that the conference provided an opportunity for providers across the city to discuss and learn from one another how we can help all our children and young people to move on from the disruption caused by the pandemic.”