AN online teaching platform found that North Yorkshire parents are less worried about their children coming out of lockdown than the UK average.

My Tutor commissioned research across 2,083 UK parents into their concerns of the pandemic having lasting impacts on children returning to school from home-schooling.

On average, 43 per cent of UK parents worry about their child being bullied compared to 35 per cent of North Yorkshire (NY) parents, only 15 per cent of NY parents worry that their child spends too much time on social media compared to the UK’s 34 per cent, and only 17 per cent worry that the lockdown affected their child’s ability to socialise compared to UK’s 28 per cent.

Bertie Hubbard, CEO of My Tutor said: “Parents never stop worrying about their children, but when schools were closed we saw parents’ anxieties about their children sky rocket.

“There is a huge amount of information out there to help parents manage their teen’s social media use, but parents often aren’t sure where to look, or who to trust.

“Our team had a lot of calls from parents worried about their children being isolated, and we’re proud to have done our small bit to help bring the worry in the house down a little.”