Shepherd Group and Portakabin are proud to be sponsoring the Family Business of the Year category in the 2021 Press Business Awards.

York Press:

York Press:

As one of the largest wholly family-owned private companies in the UK, Shepherd Group recognises family businesses as the backbone of the UK economy and the bedrock of the communities where they operate. 

Today, the market-leading Portakabin is Shepherd Group’s flagship business.

As a pioneer of modular construction across the UK and continental Europe, Portakabin employs more than 1,750 people in seven European countries, delivering interim and permanent bespoke buildings, of any size to create offices, hospitals, schools, laboratories, universities and manufacturing facilities. 

The 130-year history of Shepherd Group features commitment to quality and service, a flair for innovation and strong vision and values – all qualities found in the three family enterprises shortlisted for this award:

Wold Top Brewery

Based between Driffield and Filey, the brewery was founded in 2003 as the third generation of this family farm looked to diversify. The business is financially stable, sustainable and in addition to the sourcing of local barley which they grow on the farm, they have an aqua flow reservoir that gives Wold Top Brewery beers a special taste

There is a very strong family ethos within the business comprising shared values, a wish to give back and support the local community and a move towards a circular economy, reducing its Carbon Footprint.

With the fourth generation already integrated into the business, plans have also been laid to develop a 20 year strategy that will be look to accommodate the 5th generation.

Sherbutt Residential and Home Care Services

Based in Pocklington this Residential and Care Homes enterprise was started in 1984 and has grown to be a very successful business that employs 80 members of staff.

Its sites demonstrate an ethos of strong family care having developed a very effective family business succession plan. The family values and strong culture of providing support has helped the business through the last 18 months of Covid challenges, keeping their residents protected.

A 20 year plan which will look at how the next generation can find roles in the family business at the appropriate time is being developed. It encourages family members to go out into the world to work in other businesses, returning to Sherbutt Residential and Home Care Services to bring back value to help the business move forward.


SpeedQuizzing was set up in 2011 by Alan Leach and his brother John. Alan was the drummer in Shed 7; his son Sony is also involved in the business.

The company has developed a very successful computer-based Pub Quiz system that was adapted with much success when pubs closed during the Covid 19 lockdowns. Prior to the lockdown the business was hosting 1,800 quizzes a week in over 40 countries.

This progressive business places the development of the next generation towards the top of its agenda, exploring ways in which they can seek opportunities to find their own areas of specialisation and develop to their full potential.

Whichever of these excellent businesses wins the award this evening, all of the short-listed finalists are a credit to the family business category.

Derek Carter

CEO Portakabin

York Press:

York Press: