I AM appalled and ashamed that the City of York Council has voted to permanently ban blue badge holders from parking in the city centre.

This has made York an apartheid city. Those who have a physical disability are now being discriminated against and kept apart. Are we now to see, next to the ugly barriers, prominent notices stating “Able-bodied only” or “NO disabled” ?

Would the councillors have voted in the same way if they themselves happened to be disabled? I doubt it. More thought, time, money and care could have resulted in a solution that allowed blue badge holders into the centre and also kept the city safe. There was a time when one could be proud of living or working in this lovely city.

Those days are disappearing fast.

Rev Dr John Roden,

Ebor Cottage,


...I’M sure you are aware of this totally unacceptable banning of disabled people from the centre of York

You may not be aware but my wife Liz has a blue badge which has restored her independence which includes visits into our wonderful city centre to go shopping, visit various business such as banks and solicitors that are based in the city centre as well as meet friends socially and visit restaurants and theatres.

This decision by a small group of elected councillors will now take that independence to visit the city centre away from her.

I believe their decision is discriminatory and may be in breach of disability acts if not in law but at least in spirit.

It is a black day for York when disabled people are not allowed to visit their city centre and does not give to the rest of the country the impression that York is an inclusive and welcoming city to all.

This decision very much smacks of the Lendal Bridge debacle of a few years ago.

Please can you use your influence to get the main council to throw out this decision at the earliest opportunity and allow my wife continued independent access to the city centre.

Ken McArthur,

Lancar Close,



...MANY year's ago before Christmas became "over commercialised", on the run up to Christmas most of the stores had a late night opening especially for the disabled, older residents and their carers.

With that in mind it shouldn't be inconceivable that the city council and representatives of the disabled, the shop owners and other businesses sit together and discuss a mutual opening of the pedestrian zones for mainly the disabled citizens.

It would help all parties if for example if the pedestrian zone was open on a quiet trading day, the opticians and other businesses could prioritise with their appointments for people with limited mobility.

The zones could have a reasonably but limited time for parking of vehicles, or even better a free electric minibus service from one of the park and ride sites for the duration of the day.

All in all a win win situation for the council, the blue badge holders and the shops and other businesses in York city centre.

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,