A CONSULTANT psychiatrist and founder of the Chimp Management Model to help people in all walks of life to get the best out of themselves, is coming to York.

Professor Steve Peters is hosting a one-hour evening session, ‘Understand the neuroscience of building resilience in young children’ at Hob Moor Primary Academy on Wednesday, December 1 and Thursday, December 2, at 6pm.

Professor Peters has written several best-selling books on the subject and his services to sport have been recognised at top professional level.

The event is being organised in conjunction with Ebor Academy Trust, who has had a good working partnership with Chimp Management for some time.

The concept and programme is highly valued by many of Ebor’s head teachers and school leaders.

Tickets are available now at just £3 each from this website: https://chimpmanagement.com/product/professor-lightbulb/.

There will also be prize raffles each evening to win Chimp Management goodies and all proceeds will be match-funded and then donated to Hob Moor, to buy playground equipment and fund additional mental health support.

The event is targeted at a mature audience and as such it is unsuitable for children. Tickets are limited, so best to book early.

There’s ample car parking at Hob Moor Community Primary Academy.

Some 400 Year 5 and 6 children from Ebor schools Hob Moor, Tockwith, Lakeside, Robert Wilkinson, Tadcaster, Brotherton and Camblesforth will descend on Hob Moor to see a separate event, Professor Peters’ ‘Professor Lightbulb’ production on either 1 or 2 December during the daytime. The shows – which are free – will help children understand how their mind works and help them to manage their emotions and behaviours.

The event is being sponsored by Vital York Limited.