The terrorist explosion outside the Liverpool Women’s Maternity Hospital highlights once again the ruthless nature of the terrorist threat to us all.

City of York Council has come in for all sorts of criticism regarding the placing of the security barriers in the city centre, and their aesthetics of them.

With the terrorist threat ongoing I respectfully suggest that the present ‘ring of steel’ should be extended further out from the city centre, with a barrier placed at the Museum Street end of Lendal, the closure of Blake Street and Duncombe Place (half way down to allow disabled access), the blocking of Bootham Bar to all traffic and the moving out of restrictions in Goodramgate as far as the turning off for Ogleforth.

Peasholme Green could be shut at Aldwark except for access for buses and taxis, Piccadilly closed at Merchantgate (access to the multi storey car park ) and there could be barriers at the start of Fossgate. Draconian measures maybe, but in these troubled time I think appropriate to the threat posed and as such justifiable.

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate


These ugly steel barriers desecrate our city

Who is putting something in the water in the council chambers which is causing them to make ludicrous decisions such as the one to desecrate our fair city with ugly steel barriers in the dubious quest to save us from terrorism?

Do councillors know something we don’t ? And, if so, should we be informed so we can stay out of the city centre? Oh, I forgot, that’s already the plan - residents are seen as an encumbrance to the free movement of tourists.

The most dangerous terrorists are pedestrian suicide bombers.

These eyesores have to be removed as they do not seem to be capable of being operated in time to prevent terrorist activity, and will only impede access for the emergency services and essential delivery vehicles.

The council should stick to what it is good at: spending our money on road schemes that prevent access to the city; giving the green light to more hotel development that we don’t need; and allowing the development of student accommodation in the city, using land which should be made available for affordable housing.

Merry Christmas.

Bryan Dagg,Westlands Grove, York