This ongoing mess City of York Council is creating in regard to blue badge drivers is getting worse (‘Disabled people in York are being treated like second class citizens’, November 15).

Using terrorism as an excuse to stop vehicles entering the city does not stand up to scrutiny as you don’t always need a vehicle to set a bomb off in a city centre - as the Manchester arena bomber proved very clearly.

The barriers they are putting up make the city look like a third world country and it takes away the attraction this city has given to locals and visitors and it looks appalling.

The council says it is listening to all people’s views but how can it say that when councillors already made their minds up and are going ahead regardless of public opinion?

I genuinely believe that the actions being taken are illegal as they are discriminatory against disabled people, nothing more nothing less - no matter what excuses or reasons given.

If security is such a problem then any vehicle wanting access should be checked and verified which would be a simple solution.

John Norman, Lindale, York