THESE youngsters have been out making a difference in their community.

Students from each year group at Joseph Rowntree School went on a village wide litter pick close to the York secondary in New Earswick on Friday as part of an initiative set up by the student council.

The school's head of Key Stage 4, Sian Jacobsen, said that this academic year the student leadership are focusing on proactively making a difference to issues that are really important to them; from campaigning for the environment, helping out in the community to celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

The litter pick was the first event the student leadership have run this year.

Mrs Jacobsen said: "Students from different year groups have volunteered to get involved in a practical way, to make a difference to our local environment.

"With environmental issues being so topical with the ongoing COP26, they felt it was important not just to discuss the issues facing us but to do something active to make a positive impact in their own local community.

"The litter pick was a great success and very well received by the local residents.

"It is absolutely fantastic to see students at school stepping up and getting involved in the issues that are important to them. Not only are they showing an interest in important issues of the day but being motivated to get involved practically and making change happen.

"We are very proud of the proactive start they've made in running this event."

Head teacher, Dave Hewitt said: "We were delighted that our students wanted to make a difference to their local community.

"The students involved got a lot of positive feedback from members of the public and felt they had really improved the area they worked in collecting litter."