A HOMELESS charity has held their first street kitchen at their new home.

As The Press reported earlier this year, York Hoping Street Kitchen had to relocate from their old home in Kings Square due to foot-street restrictions being changed.

The University of York came to the rescue and were able to offer the charity an alternative place to use, at the historic King’s Manor and they held their first event there on Sunday (November 7).

Charity volunteer, Jayne Venables, said there were about 20 people who attended on the night, and food was also given out to nine other homeless people in the city centre. The charity also provided 12 mains and 12 puddings to the houses of families in need.

She said: “By around 6.30pm, they might not dare to leave their pitch for fear of losing it.”

Jayne noted her concern about fundraising, pointing out that the coronavirus pandemic has left people less inclined to carry money around for potential donations.

But she said: “I’m optimistic that people will hear about us and know where we are.”

To donate or help in any way go to Facebook page, Helping other People in Need Group Street Kitchen, as well as a Twitter page, @HopingYork