A YORK musician’s latest single has hit the number two spot on the iTunes Hip Hop chart.

Rapper Keon Hill released his single, Kid Again, after his previous singles Lock Down and Miss Jackson, which he recorded independently in his music studio in Hull Road.

He said the song is inspired by the way music was shared before the days of social media, when music was spread by word of mouth and fans formed closer connections with each other through shared tastes, which led him to launch his ‘Kid Again Campaign’.

Keon said: “I wanted to go back to basics and the old vibe of music - I’ve been giving out CDs, and meeting crowds of people across the country - on Tower Bridge in London, Bradford, Newcastle, Huddersfield, and performing here in York on Parliament Street.

“Reaching number two is a testament to the dedication I have to my craft, and I’m fortunate for the supporters – I have a crazy, mad fan base who print out flyers and get me on billboards.”

This comes after he toured with fellow British rapper and singer ‘Rag n Bone man’.

Keon said: “He is a really nice person - I got in touch with him through DJ ‘Mista Bibs’ when I was events hosting.”

Keon said he was an events host for seven years, but it was the pandemic that helped to propel his music career to the next level.

He said: “I have been an events host for seven years, but I knew I had it in my locker to create music, and was frustrated that I wasn’t creating my own.

“Through lockdown I couldn’t perform as an events host so I built my own studio with my colleague Elz, and named it Annie’s Music Studio, dedicated to my Nan.”

In his studio he created 15 songs in one year during the lockdown.

“I write about my life experiences and stuff I have been through, songs that the everyday person can relate - not about drugs or girls.

“Music is my whole life, I feel I have no other choice than to do music, I couldn’t stop.”

Keon said he is now working towards creating another album, and searching for musical talent in York who are beginners in the studio and don’t have any contacts in the industry.