REMEMBER when we used to have fireworks at Clifford's Tower in the heart of York on Bonfire Night?

Our photo gallery shows photos of crowds gathered in Tower Street as rockets burst above the city landmark - as well as other old shots from Bonfire Night over the years.

As November 5th approaches, we asked readers to share their memories of the occasion.

Members of our nostalgia group on Facebook - Why We Love York, Memories - certainly remembered those nights at Clifford's Tower well.

Here's what they said:

Ruth Holmes said: "This was one of the most anticipated highlights of the year! Always a spectacular event. Loved the finale one year when the tower looked like there was a waterfall cascading down. And it felt like the fireworks were done properly on this night, not three weeks either side of Bonfire Night like we seem to have now with irresponsible people setting them off whenever!"

Susan Sneddon said: "Exciting atmosphere; beautiful colours - no trouble, everyone enjoying themselves!"

York Press: Fireworks farewell on the bank of Clifford's Tower in 1987Fireworks farewell on the bank of Clifford's Tower in 1987

Robin Eyre added: "They were brilliant. The boom when they launched! Did get very cramped on the later years though. Was wonderful while it lasted but a victim of its own success."

Donna Partridge said: "As a kid it was amazing! Would love mine to have experienced it also."

Rachael Brown added: "We used to love going. I remember the hot roasted chestnuts too."

Dick Sefton recalled fireworks maker and Yorkshire vicar the Reverend Ron Lancaster being involved, as did John Grant who said: "I remember him getting blown of his feet as he stood at the entrance of the tower as the explosions went off within."

Matthew Lightfoot gave it the thumbs up and said: "It was the best location possible for a firework display...what a cracking historic backdrop!"

But some readers thought the event was dangerous.

Chris Birdsall said: "Dangerous, too loud, and the final year I watched it, shrapnel was landing in the crowd and one child was injured.

John Grant replied and said: "That was when the council organised it for Guy Fawkes Night. We were stood in the Piccadilly multi-storey car park when three rockets headed for us!"

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