TWO local food companies have won awards at PETA’s ninth Vegan Food Awards.

The animal right’s group awarded York-based VFC, founded by local chef, Adam Lyons, and Veganuary’s Matthew Glover, the Best Vegan Chicken Award.

North Yorkshire-based family-run company HECK, bagged the Best Vegan Sausage Award, for their vegan breakfast sausages, made from mushrooms, oven-roasted tomatoes and herbs, available in supermarkets.

Matthew Glover said: “VFC was hatched in Adam Lyons’ restaurant Source only a year ago, so we could not be happier to have already won Best Vegan Chicken in PETA’s hotly contested Food Awards.

“KFC won this same award last year, but you can let the Colonel know that we can take it from here.”

Dawn Carr, PETA Director of vegan corporate projects, said: “HECK is making it easier than ever for North Yorkshire locals and people nationwide to go vegan by offering satisfying savoury vegan sausages.”