Unfortunately, I am one of those who have problems with face masks.

When l have them on l can’t breath properly, bits of fibre and wool go down my throat and l start coughing and choking and have acid reflux trouble.

l do understand in a way people’s attitudes towards those who don’t wear masks - but sometimes they can be nasty and outrageous.

Why can’t we do the same as we did in the Sixties over cigarettes?

In restaurants or cafés the people with masks could stay at one side, the people without stay at the other; in theatres, people with face masks could go to the left hand side, those without to the right.

On buses, meanwhile, those with face masks could go to the back, those without to the front - and on double deckers those with face masks could go upstairs, those without downstairs.

I am sure all this could be resolved without any nastiness.

Robert D Greaves, Alder Way, New Earswick, York