I read with interest Cllr Claire Douglas’ letter (So who IS in charge of York Central application?, October 22).

I’ll declare an interest in that I was chairing the online event at which Ian Gray spoke.

I’m really grateful both for Mr Gray’s participation and for the support Cllr Douglas states for YoCo and its current work with think tank Demos in developing a community plan for York Central.

The event was recorded and is available to view on YoCo’s website (yoco.uk/blog).

Mr Gray set out the current uncertainty around parking provision on both sides of the station, and stated his personal views on opportunities while noting the need to ensure the station functions properly – the conversation is at about 1hr23m in the video, although obviously I’d suggest watching it all in order to get a broader understanding of the potential of the York central development!

Phil Bixby, Hob Moor Terrace, York