I thought readers might like to know, given that mainstream media such as the BBC deem it unnecessary to mention, that your local Tory MPs have just voted against an amendment to an environment bill that would force water companies to stop dumping untreated sewage into our rivers and coastlines.

You’d think that’s a fairly reasonable thing to do given the endless waffle we hear from Boris about being green.

But as always with this current shambles of a government, they are all talk, no action.

So when you tune in to the endless coverage, which is no doubt coming soon, of the completely pointless climate change conference in Glasgow, just remember the hosts are giving a green light to companies to keep polluting your local waterways with raw sewage.

Is anybody surprised?

This amendment was originally put forward by the House of Lords which shows the unelected chamber does have a real purpose, yet ignored by those you did elect to represent you.

This issue really does have an impact on our communities and wildlife and so should receive a lot more scrutiny.

Sturdy, Adams and Hollinrake should be ashamed of themselves.

But somehow, I doubt they will be - any more than the water company shareholders who lobbied for the vote to go the way it did will.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York