I’M sorry that Phillip Mindenhall was disappointed (Letters, October 21), especially since he cited the programme’s title – Who Do You Think You Are?

The BBC offered Dame Judi the chance to seek answers to questions she wanted to ask about her own ancestry.

For those willing to go along with her and the BBC’s question, there followed a brilliant, well-ordered and authoritative revelation of new understanding of “who she is” for both Dame Judi and her audience.

Her complex and many Danish connections, particularly those with Elsinor, threw fresh light on her as actress, as human being, illuminating her possible links, via Will Kempe, with Shakespeare himself.

Philip Mildenhall seems to have reviewed this programme on the basis of its not repeating easily available facts.

His perspective blinded him to a performance by our peerless actress that he could have found nowhere else – as she said, “they kept that very quiet”. Let’s hope he has the chance to view it again.

Peter Doble



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...YOUR correspondent Phillip Mindenhall completely misses the point of this programme on Dame Judi Dench, and indeed all of its chosen people.

It is all about ancestry, not about where the subject was born, went to school etc.

This takes little or no research as it is in living memory.

We all know the Dench family and their contribution to our city and its well being... but my goodness, what they unearthed about Dame Judi's background on her maternal side was riveting.

She was speechless to learn of her connection to her hero William Shakespeare.

Well done BBC..I loved it!

Elizabeth M Harris,




... PHILLIP Mindenhall is shocked that York wasn't mentioned in the programme Who Do You Think You Are? - the episode staring Dame Judith Olivia Dench CH , DBE , FRSA.

I am shocked myself that there wasn't a mention of my father, Leonard and his friend Gerry Plowman, who in the early war years used to deliver groceries to Dr Dench's home in Heworth.

One of my father's claims to fame was knowing Judi in her early years.

A huge oversight by the program's makers!

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,