CHRISTIAN Vassie, in the article about tackling climate change, referred to a questionnaire in which he says "respondents over 60 had suggested SMALL measures such as returning to glass bottles used when they were young".

Then he goes on about younger people suggesting fly less, drive electric, insulate your home, wear clothes to last, walk, cycle, cut food waste etc. He makes older people sound like they haven't a clue and don't care.

Well we have done most of the aforementioned with the exception of driving electric (obviously).

Our parents grew up with a 'make do and mend' attitude that stemmed from the war, so we know what needs to be done.

How about lobbying these rich idiots who fly into space, they are doing an enormous amount of damage to our planet.

Linda Walker,

Low Well Park,



Make war illegal - that will help the climate

DUE to the climate change conference coming up soon in Glasgow, I urge every person to get in touch with their MP and every MP to bring about making war illegal and to bring an end to warfare altogether.

I am absolutely convinced that warfare has a tremendous amount to do with global warming and I urge all people of influence to bring an end to it.

We could also turn our defence industries to peaceful and green industries.

Now is the chance to not just do something to stop global warming but to also stop warfare altogether.

It could bring about a new age of world peace - let us take that chance.

Robert Greaves,


New Earswick,


Light up for darker days to stay safe

IT'S that time of year again: dark nights and mornings, with atrocious weather to come. And yet it's the same old story - cyclists unprepared and without suitable lights and clothes, risking life and limb for the sake of a few pounds and a little time preparing for the dark winter months ahead.

Likewise, the numbers of vehicles without all their lights working can easily cause an accident and death.

Even pedestrians who have to walk in unlit areas should have light or reflective clothing.

It's time for the police and other groups to become proactive before we have more tragedies on the roads and cycleways

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,



Word of warning to theatre goers

AFTER seeing an article in the Press about a show called The Sensational 60s Experience on November 5, I bought six tickets for The Grand Opera House through ATG tickets on October 8.

This was a birthday treat for a friend. ATG cancelled the show on the October 18. I feel that I have been conned out of my money - as they only offer a voucher to rebook for another show sometime in the future.

D Bellwood,

Intake Lane,

Dunnington, York


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