I ATTENDED YoCo’s recent public event with York Central Partnership’s project director, Ian Gray.

YoCo are constructively and positively challenging the existing vision to ensure York Central as a development fulfils at least some of its potential.

We heard the current vision for the site is fundamentally the same that existed in May 2019 when I was elected.

Mr Gray stated he didn’t expect to see the development as a haven for the rich or for Air BnB apartment blocks. Something most of us agree with, but remain to be convinced won’t happen.

Mr Gray’s remark that a decision to include a multi-storey car park on York Central, at the same time as trumpeting the development’s low car credentials, is not in the hands of the land owner, Network Rail, is baffling, given it’s been billed as expanded parking for the station.

But most perplexing of all, Mr Gray stated that Network Rail and Homes England as landowners are not in control of the planning application for York Central.

So, who is? The council is saying completely the opposite.

This highlights how important voices like YoCo’s are in publicly airing the worrying problems around accountability and governance of the project.

Cllr Claire Douglas (Labour),

Chestnut Avenue,


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