WHY should the city council receive tax payer money from government to prop up private bus company's that operate in York? (£48m bus improvement plan could be 'game-changer' for York, The Press).

It was only a few years ago First York introduced a metro system in York and most of the services were operating on a ten-minute service.

What happened to that?

As for spending money on upgrading park and ride, why have the Park & Ride sites been allowed to fall into such disrepair over the years?

These sites belong to the council and have been neglected for years so why is government expected to pay for these sites to be upgraded?

The council should have kept up with regular maintenance instead of letting the Park & Ride sites fall into disrepair.

Michael Ward,

Hinton Avenue,



...YOU printed my letter a few weeks ago regarding the Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride site.

However even though First Group listened to my concerns unfortunately the council who owns the site have chosen to drag their heels.

The gents toilets are still closed, the promised repairs have still not been done and neither gents nor ladies toilets have hot water for necessary hand washing.

A once pleasant site now looks positively derelict.

The council are hell bent on stopping cars from entering the city yet without an excellent bus service this is never going to happen.

The council keep closing roads to discourage cars without a thought that it also slows down buses and increases taxi fares.

We can't all cycle or walk as the council wants us to.

Dawne Wright



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