A GROUP in York has once again stepped up to the plate to help a local charity which supports the homeless in the city.

Throughout the pandemic, Hoping York Street Kitchen has been providing cooked meals and other support to the homeless. As the charity’s team, which are all unpaid volunteers, are preparing to get back out on the streets to help the growing number of people sleeping rough in the city, York Vikings Rotary Club members have got involved to offer their support.

When the club first learned of Hoping’s work with the homeless they were keen to help. In 2020, under the leadership of president, Mick Fox, they made a cash donation as part of the ‘Rotary4foodbanks’ scheme.

Mr Fox said: “We are totally committed to providing support for local charities and good causes. We have seen first-hand the commitment and compassion that the Hoping York team shows and were unanimous in our decision to provide financial support again this year.

“We know every penny we give will go straight to providing quality and nourishing meals where and when they are needed.”

Through the club, Cockerills, the York-based ‘Potato People’, also provided space in their warehouse to stock food bought from Rotary donations.

Hoping York is itself still homeless - as changes in traffic regulations in the city centre mean it can no longer operate out of King’s Square to support those sleeping rough in the area.

“The council is trying to find us a new location but we are still waiting,” said group co-ordinator, Helen Meadows.

But, other organisations have offered to help and Helen said the charity are hopeful of finding a new place before the winter sets in.