I CLIMBED the stone steps up to Bootham Bar and the beautiful stretch of the Bar Walls that run to Monk Bar.

When I reached the round tower turning at the end of Lord Mayor's Walk to take in the incredible views of the Minster and Dean's Park I saw a huge pile of garbage (empty drinks cans, food wrappers, bottles etc which had been thrown from the walls into the Dean's garden).

A large amount of broken glass was strewn on the floor of the walls.

Finally, while still at this spot, I looked over the opposite section of wall - the one that looks down on the moated section of Lord Mayor's Walk - and was again dismayed to spot another large pile of rubbish that again had obviously just been thrown from the top of the walls.

By this point any enjoyment I had been looking forward to had gone, replaced by a feeling of real sadness and anger.

Sean Atkinson.