There have been numerous letters about litter during lockdown and in the countryside once lockdown was finished, but not a lot has been done about litter around York.

Considering the amount of visitors we have, we are in very short supply of litter bins.

One example: if you walk from the Merchant Adventurers Hall down Piccadilly towards Fishergate you can’t find a litter bin anywhere but the amount of litter on that street is awful.

I have constantly asked for a litter bin to be placed beneath the Fishergate Postern (there used to be one but it was taken away).

I have written to the council and also to our councillors, but the response has been non-existent.

I am told there is a lack of money, so what is the alternative?

Do we just let litter lie in our streets, parks and rivers because the council can’t provide enough litter bins?

Someone wrote some time back that York should get World Heritage status.

That is a joke surely?

How can we even think of such a thing when we have potholes everywhere, litter everywhere, railings on Pavement that need fixing and painting, and pavements that are filthy and covered in mud, debris and cigarette butts.

Now we have needles right by our front door, not to mention the vomit that is kindly deposited at times.

Why can’t the council have pavements washed and cleaned and the streets tidied up?

Lynette Mills, Fishergate, York