‘Take back control’ they said. Going well, isn’t it?

Remainers, banks and business groups, universities, the police, the farmers’ union, the NHS and many others predicted that if we left the EU: cross-border policing and trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK would suffer; we would lose influence in the world; energy supplies would be affected; taxes would go up; industry and the financial sector would be crippled; we would end up with empty shelves; and that fruit and veg would lie unpicked in fields.

Project Fear they shouted.

Now it has all come true, the people who created this mess pretend this was the master plan.

BJ clowns about the stage then swans off on his hols and David Frost tells us Johnson’s ‘oven-ready’ Brexit deal, that Frost negotiated, isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. But they’ll sort it out. Thanks, guys.

Christian Vassie Blake Court, Wheldrake, York