There’s much anger over Philip Allott’s stupid remarks about women and safety following the sentencing of Wayne Couzens. But surely the main issue is the police being completely unfit for purpose.

What particularly struck me is making it an issue of sexism, as if somehow that trumps a murder charge as a cause for outrage.

The critical issue was the failure of the Met to arrest the perpetrator for previous reported offences. They should investigate and prosecute the officers who failed in their duty to protect the public and give the virtue signalling a rest.

Mr Allott can resign if he wants, but they’ll just promote him to a more lucrative and unaccountable quango and another Tory will replace him, which the voters of the shires will elect without bothering to learn anything about them as a candidate.

Police officers need to learn what the law actually is, start preventing real crimes and have the office of PCC abolished. Everything else is just political posturing.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York