A YORK man, who lives with Parkinson's Disease, is set to complete the challenge of golfing for 200 days in a row to support research into the condition.

Tony Bruce was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2019. Following his diagnosis, Tony was advised by doctors that exaggerated movements, like swinging a golf club, would help his overall mobility and hopefully slow down the progression of the disease.

So, he re-joined at York Golf Club, where he had not played regularly since 2008.

"Playing golf keeps me fit but also distracts me from my tremor, which is the most troublesome symptom for me", Tony said.

Earlier this year, after a delay in his golfing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tony decided he wanted to play as often as he could. He said that the pandemic had a negative impact on both his physical and mental health - so he couldn't wait to get back out on the course.

After 100 days of consecutive golfing, a fellow Parkinson's sufferer suggested that Tony should raise money for Parkinson's research by playing for as many days in a row as possible.

"I set my self the target of 150 days, but this soon grew to 175 and then 200 days."

Since March, Tony has played mainly at York Golf Club, but he has also enjoyed playing at other courses including at least 20 rounds in the North East of Scotland and various other Yorkshire-based clubs.

"Sometimes I play more than once a day, therefore my total number of rounds is even more than 200", Tony added.

Teeing off at 9.30am tomorrow with some of his friends, Tony will complete his 200 day task - and is aiming to raise £500 for the charity if he can.

So far he has raised over £250 - but is looking to hit his fundraising goal soon.

To support Tony's challenge, visit: https://bit.ly/3Dz2Jry