A SUPERMARKET chain with three shops in York is recruiting 25 new staff.

Aldi, which has stores at Huntington, Fulford and in Water Lane, is the UK’s fifth largest supermarket and is recruiting new staff in North Yorkshire.

In a welcome boost to the regional economy, Aldi is looking for a mixture of ten deputy store managers and store assistants to join its Wetherby store, and five store assistants for each of its Water Lane, Fulford Road and Huntington stores in York.

Deputy store manager, Jim Sandhu, said: “I’d suggest visiting your local store to watch the team and its daily running. This type of exercise can help candidates demonstrate their knowledge of the store, and display a sound understanding of how it operates. When applying for my role, I had a chat with the store manager, who kindly gave me some of their time, which put me in a very strong position in the interview as I was able to speak knowledgeably about how a store operates and identify some of the main challenges a deputy store manager would face.”

Sandy Mitchell, regional managing director at Aldi, said: “We are really excited about the job creation in Wetherby and York. Aldi’s increased popularity and customer demand for quality products allows us to keep growing and create more and more new employment opportunities across the region.”