YORK schoolchildren gathered in front of York Minster to tell world leaders ‘the eyes of the world are on us’ ahead of the UN’s vital COP26 climate change conference that starts in Glasgow at the end of this month.

Pupils from All Saints Roman Catholic School are calling on world leaders to take urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.

Sixty pupils gathered outside the Minster on Thursday with a ‘The Eyes of the World are on us’ banner. One pupil said: “As young people, it’s really important that we get to share our thoughts and opinions on what is happening in the world.

“We’re not adults yet, so we don’t always get the chance to have our voices heard.”

Another pupil penned her own poem, ‘Turtle’, about a turtle in a sea filled with plastic waste. “I wrote this poem because I want to point out that plastic waste is one of the major climate issues we need to put a stop to,” she said.