AN AMERICAN TikToker is sharing his life in York with 34,000 people across the globe.

Ohio-born composer Daniel Ruffing - who describes his popular account as a "rabbit-hole into my mind" - films amusing comparison videos of his life in England vs the USA.

The musician originally started his TikTok account (@danielruffingmusic) in November 2019 as a way to share his own Broadway-inspired compositions with a new audience.

From trying Britain's most loved chocolate bars and sharing his love of Irn Bru to culture shocks, Daniel has now become known as 'the only acceptable American'.

Speaking to The Press, he said: "The music is actually a hobby, but I would love to pursue it full-time once my studies here are finished. One of my biggest dreams is to write a musical that plays on Broadway or the West End.

"My TikTok quickly grew into the kaleidoscope of material it has today - it’s kind of just a rabbit-hole into my mind.

"I definitely am loving being able to document my experiences here and have enlightening and fun conversations with people all over the UK on my page - it’s nice to feel so welcomed.

"I love sharing myself with the world and meeting new people. Seeing people come to my page and listen to my music has been very rewarding. I love telling stories through song, and hearing how my music has touched people or made them laugh or even made them cry is very artistically fulfilling to me.

"With the 'American in England' TikToks I’ve been doing, I’ve actually now been recognised on the streets of York on four separate occasions, resulting in great conversations and even some new friendships. It’s immensely helped with my move here and in getting settled."

Daniel first discovered York in 2018 as an exchange student from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, just outside of Cleveland.

The musician's songs have been streamed millions of times across the world. His songs 'I Want To Be Tall' and 'Aries and Virgo’' were featured on popular YouTuber Jenna Marbles’ channel.

Daniel’s work has been produced on stage twice in concert form at the esteemed Feinstein’s 54/Below in New York City.

He was also a semi finalist in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition. 

After falling in love with the city, the composer has returned to the city to study his masters degree in marketing at York St John University.

York Press:

He said: "It is such a wonderful city to live in- not too crowded, not too quiet, everything is accessible within a short walk, and it’s not too far from major places throughout the UK. 

"I think York also reminds me of Berea, Ohio, so it definitely helps with the homesickness, too."

You might find Daniel strolling by York Minster on his daily walks or one of his favourite cafe spots, Crumbs Cupcakery.

The TikTok personality said: "When I was here back in 2018, that was where I had my first proper cup of tea!"

Daniel remains in awe of the UK's love for meal deals and how the city's streets are designed to be pedestrian-friendly.

"Meal deals are basically non-existent in the States at the level I see them represented here," he explained.

"And I love the festival/food market culture in York and other city centres. We also don't have things like the Christmas markets in the states.

"I think the biggest difference is just how much more pedestrian-friendly everything is - you can get from one side of the city to the other within 30 minutes of walking, and there’s more emphasis on cycling and walking paths.

"In Ohio, you basically need a car to get anywhere, so it’s been really nice to be able to get where I need to go easily."