I note that it has been suggested that Heronby will not repeat the same mistakes of the New Towns completed in the post war period, and that it will follow the example set by such new towns as Nansledan, Tornagrain, and Chapelton.

It should be noted that Nansledan is not a new town, but an expansion of Newquay. Tornagrain is a new development between Inverness and Inverness Airport, as such it is an infill contributing to the eventual linear expansion of Inverness to the airport. Chapelton is a new town detached from Aberdeen, and will inevitably become a commuter town for the larger settlement. Indeed houses in Chapelton are advertised on precisely that basis.

Chapelton would seem to provide the best comparison with Heronby, and Heronby will no doubt become a commuter village, generating additional traffic leading to further congestion on the A19 towards York and towards Selby. This is the fatal flaw in the proposal.

New developments and the expansion of existing settlements should be concentrated on sites with existing or potential railway connections.This should reduce road congestion and help to control air pollution. Indeed the news that City of York Council is to buy land for a new railway station in Haxby is a step in the right direction.

Hugh Wrigley,

Uppleby, Easingwold