WE’RE in the midst of a vegan revolution, and the decision by The Great British Bake Off producers not to allow contestants to “veganise” recipes in the technical challenge really takes the cake.

They could even compel them to violate their ethical, religious, or other principles – and that’s disgraceful.

Eggs used as a binding ingredient in baking can easily be replaced by a powdered egg replacer, and eggs added for moisture can be replaced by tofu, apple sauce, pumpkin, or mashed bananas.

Giving vegan bakers the chance to showcase their creations would only enhance and enliven the competition, and it would go a long way towards inspiring viewers to try replacing eggs, milk, gelatine, and other animal “products” with plant-based alternatives for themselves.

York Press: Freya Cox, from Scarborough, who is veganFreya Cox, from Scarborough, who is vegan

Animal-derived ingredients contribute to many of the nation’s health problems and cause environmental destruction and unspeakable animal suffering.

But, there’s good news: we can all enjoy vegan baking from the comfort of our own homes, and PETA offers a free vegan starter kit filled with tips and recipes for anyone looking to give it a go.

Jennifer White,

Media and Communications Manager,

PETA Foundation,

Society Building,

All Saints Street,