As a woman, now over 70, who went on Reclaim the Night protest marches in London at the time the Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose, I am shocked that anyone like Allott all these years later still holds such entrenched and backward attitudes regarding women.

His lack of insight and awareness as to what women face every night when out and about is jaw-droppingly astonishing and he should be sacked immediately for his suggestion that Sarah was in any way responsible for what happened to her. How dare he?

Rhonda Petersen, Keith Avenue, Huntington


Most men are shocked by violence to women

I am incensed by the reported remarks of Elizabeth Heaps (The real problem is entitled men, October 2).

She says: “It is futile to talk of ‘not all men’. When men are together indulging in their sexist ‘banter’, how often do some of them object, walk away?”

For her to imply that all men constantly indulge in sexist banter is incorrect, irresponsible and divisive in these present difficult circumstances.

The vast majority of men are as shocked by violence towards women as she is. It is reckless and rude to suggest that every man is part of the problem.

Anthony Day, Lastingham Terrace, York