The turf at Bootham Crescent will be dug up for a second time later this month, as the search for the ashes of fans interred at the ground continues.

An earlier dig at the empty ground, which housebuilders Persimmon hope to start redeveloping next year, located the remains of 'eight or nine' fans, says archaeologist Jason Wood, who led the dig.

It is not possible yet to be more precise about the number, because some ashes were interred on top of others. "But there are three or four still to find, if not more," Mr Wood said.

York City FC says it is determined to find the remains of as many fans who were interred in urns beneath the turf as possible. The club's stadium deveopment director Ian McAndrew says the fans are 'part of the York City family'.

Following appeals through The Press, a list has been put together of families who say their loved ones were interred at the ground - most in and around the goal near the David Longhurst end.

The new dig will take place from October 18-20. Any families who believe their loved ones may be interred in an urn at the ground are being urged to contact the club.

"We just don't want to miss anybody," Mr McAndrew said.

The club is also keen to hear from volunteers who might want to help out at the dig. Email